The South African banking industry is among the most sophisticated in the world. Our clients are informed, driven to continuously improve, and satisfied with best practices only.

In the arena of ATM hardware and software, cash handling, interactive services and transaction switching services, Bytes MS currently has a 70% share of the banking market in South Africa. We count a number of the large traditional banks among our clients, as well as newcomers who approach banking from a different point of view.  

We are a business partner who help our clients develop and then implement concepts that achieve their business objectives in innovative, market-leading ways. 

Through their long-standing relationships with us, our clients reduce their operational costs, while achieving their customer service, security, and regulatory compliance imperatives.

Banking industry solutions
Through our exclusive partnership agreement with NCR, Bytes MS services the banking industry through the following solutions and software.



Cash Dispense Solutions

Bytes MS provides a full ATM solution, including the actual machines and the monitoring of ATM hardware functionality to ensure the optimal functioning of clients’ self-service networks.

Our offering extends to servicing and repairs, including provision of spare parts.

Bill Payment

The APATRA In-Person Bill Payment solution enables individuals with bill payment options that are convenient, and give them choices and control. For businesses it automates tasks, reduces operational costs and drives additional revenue opportunities.

Intelligent Deposit Solutions

These solutions allow banks to reduce branch costs by enabling their customers to use self-service channels for all their deposits.

Payment Imaging Applications

Solutions offered by the software include remote data capture, check image processing, check truncation and image storage and retrieval.

Branch Transformation Solutions

Interactive Banker and Interactive Teller solutions enable banks to move routine teller transactions into a self-service kiosk environment, while giving customers the option to request immediate, personal and high level assistance from skilled staff centralised in a call centre.

Software Security

We promote a multi-layered approach to software security that includes APTRA software development and lifecycle management. The Solidcore Suite for APTRA effectively locks down ATMs against insider attacks, while centralised management and automated reporting support PCI-DSS compliance.

Multi-channel Solutions (incl. Mobility)

With these solutions, banking customers are guaranteed a consistent service experience no matter when, where or how they want to do business.

Multi-channel Solutions (incl. Mobility)


Secure Solutions

We provide, implement and support solutions that secure our clients’ ATM networks against criminal attacks and safeguard the integrity of the self-service channel.

Financial Self-service Applications

We supply APTRA self-service software that delivers secure financial transactions and optimum network manageability.


Self-service Channel Management

The combination of transaction monitoring, cash management and self-service management provides enterprise-wide awareness of performance.

Branch Software Applications

Incremental technology improvements that drive an improved customer experience is the cornerstone of the branch transformation solutions we offer.

Payment Imaging

These solutions make it possible to digitally capture item-based transactions either centrally or distributed to ATMs, branches and corporate locations, where they are processed, archived and exchanged to data perfection. The solutions can be integrated with high quality imaging transports, scanners and ATMs, and are supported by Bytes MS customer services.

Marketing Solutions

Our marketing and CRM software allows our clients to communicate with their customers through their ATM channel.

Financial Self-service Management

This management system increases help desk efficiency, lowers maintenance costs, and enables excellence in device and transaction management.

Financial Self-service Management


Transaction Processing and Fraud Detection

Our intelligent transaction handling and fraud prevention solutions cover the full spectrum of customer touchpoints, from ATM and POS transactions, to internet banking and mobile payments.

Transaction Processing and Fraud Detection



Financial Cash Management

Our cash management tools allow clients to optimise costs throughout the cash supply chain. Advanced software continuously balances the competing costs of processing, moving and holding cash, by adapting in real time to shifts in the factors that influence the overall cost of operations.



Jose Simon, Bytes MS Senior Manager
Business Development :Banking 

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