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In today’s world, success comes to those enterprises that are intently focused on their core business, as this enables them to provide next-level service to their customers.

Altron Bytes Managed Solutions (Altron Bytes MS) is the company to support such organisations, thanks to our enterprise-wide, end-to-end technology solutions and related services, which enable medium to large enterprises to effectively and efficiently deliver their offerings to end consumers in South Africa and Africa.


Why we do what we do
We believe that progress is a consequence of people and business transformation, which is best enabled through the seamless integration of technology.

What we do
We deliver innovation that matters. We make our customer’s business outcomes stick by implementing and orchestrating technology and the services needed to manage it across both the front and back-office in an effective, efficient and economical manner.

How we do it
We deploy and integrate best-of-breed technology (hardware and software) from our partner ecosystem in an agile manner, supporting these solutions with locally-executed, highly-flexible, cost-effective, managed services wrappers.

about us

What makes us different?

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National footprint

Our service points of presence include the six major centres of Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, and Bloemfontein, extending beyond our borders into Africa.

Our more than 1 200 employees operate out of more than 100 service points and 23 manned stocking locations throughout southern Africa. We support in excess of 1 200 000 devices in more than 46 500 locations throughout South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa.

Our broad geographic coverage and service points of presence enable us to deliver comprehensive hardware and software maintenance services as well as project management support to many blue chip corporate clients operating in the retail, financial, insurance, industrial, government and SOE sectors.

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Our Operational Capabilities

Our owned and operated offices are managed by employees who provide consistent service delivery across all disciplines in accordance with appropriate quality management procedures.

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Our Digital Business Capabilities

From Augmented Reality to 3D printing, Big Data & Bots we leverage digital technology to elevate business performance and create exceptional customer experiences.

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Professional Services

Our Professional Services help organisations plan, design, implement, operate & manage the right technologies to keep their environments optimised while delivering services. Our team of specialists provide these services across a range of technologies for various sectors.

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Managed Services

We have a track record for delivering measurable improvements in service levels coupled with decreases in costs of service in real terms is proven. Our highly skilled & certified team located nationwide & in neighbouring countries enable us to provide high quality services.

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Our Solutions

Our key enabler is to put the right technology solution to work. When technology is applied correctly it can be a game changer & enabler, especially to a business fighting for commercial supremacy, or at worst as part of a survival strategy.


You have a vision.
We can deliver the innovation
to take you there.

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Our People

Altron Bytes MS’ human capital approach focuses on attracting and retaining the best talent, creating an environment conducive to innovation and job satisfaction.

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We believe in doing good business while doing good. The projects that we undertake with our customers are intentional & aimed at transforming people’s lives.

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The Altron group’s strategic partnerships with leading international technology companies gives it access to leading technology capabilities & products.