Looking to upgrade and secure your connectivity, enjoy automatic failover and have it all remotely managed as one seamless solution? Look no further than OasisVPN, brought to you by Altron Bytes MS.

Fact: The Internet is an insecure channel for exchanging information. When devices in a private network are connected to the Internet, they are consequently connecting to countless other unknown networks, some of which can pose a high risk of intrusion and infiltration. This may lead to a halt in productivity, compromise sensitive information and even damage brand value.

While other companies offer end-to-end VPNs, they do not have the patented security over securing those connections, so by putting a 3G/LTE modem into your laptop, desktop or server, you’re still using the open Internet; so, if someone were to try and hack your information, they possibly could.

Enter OasisVPN, which offers a patented solution that uses advanced, software-defined security that renders networks invisible on the Internet and impervious to external attacks.

Moreover, this is an entirely locally developed solution, so all support and customisation is done by the actual developers rather than third-party distributors. In short, OasisVPN facilitates a secure connection on an absolutely open network and ensures a safe passage for your data.

Whereas other technologies use dedicated APNs that the customer pays for, by using the open Internet, OasisVPN offers the perfect solution for companies that want to reduce their network costs by using the Internet as a transport layer. OasisVPN is also suited to wherever secure communications are required over untrusted or shared network infrastructures, where transactional data is used, where companies want to protect highly confidential data and where network resilience is critical (99.999% uptime).

Offered as an actual appliance or agent loaded on to a device, OasisVPN is ideal for the financial services industry, but can also be used for the retail sector, government, mining operations in remote locations, in POS environments and also the petroleum sector. OasisVPN is also connection agnostic, be it 3G/LTE, fibre, ADSL or the like. Furthermore, it helps reduce admin overhead as there is no configuration required from a connectivity perspective either. The solution makes use of AES 256 encryption and is PCI DSS compliant. It also meets the encryption requirements for US FIPS (Federal Information Protection Standards).

Not only does OasisVPN improve network availability, it offers automatic failover in case of a network outage, because we understand that being offline costs money. Take a retail scenario, for example, be it local or into Africa, where POS devices have SIM cards in them and experience degraded network connectivity: transactions are invariably lost and this leads to customer frustration and financial losses. With OasisVPN, what we’re able to do is aggregate the connectivity into our appliance and then use it as the connectivity method with automatic failover. We offer robust communication that is also totally safe and secure with zero back-doors. As long as our appliance is online, the configuration, monitoring and remote support is done from our call centre or by a network administrator. The only time a technician would need to be dispatched is if there is no connectivity whatsoever.

As with all things Altron Bytes MS, the company doesn’t just install a device and walk away. OasisVPN is a complete managed solution, from deployment and installation, right through to managing the connectivity. It is also customisable and based on a customer’s unique requirements, because Altron Bytes MS is in the business of selling technology and services as tailored solutions that help its customers meet their business objectives.

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